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Up coming events

York Medieval Fayre (York) - 23rd September 2018

8am till 5pm

Come along to the York Medieval Fayre in September and watch House Darksun not only take you through the historical progression of weapons from Staves to the Longsword but also demonstrate each of the weapons with live combat! 




Double Trouble Workshop (Perth) - 15-16th April

It's our great pleasure to bring two of the most prolific and accomplished HEMA practitioners to Perth for the first time. Kristine Konsmo and Axel Pettersson will be joining us to spend two full days exploring longsword and sword & buckler - come along and learn from some of the best!


Festival of the Sword (Melbourne) - April 22nd-25th

Festival of the Sword '17 is a huge four day Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) Convention. Fencers will have the option to compete in longsword, sword and rapier events as well as the 'Grand Duel' event on the Tuesday afternoon.
Seminars and workshops will be held across the 4 days from leading national and international HEMA instructors



Swordplay 2017 (Brisbane) - 7th-10th September

Aside from 3 days of competitions, Swordplay offers the chance to cross blades with some of the best swords people in Australia as well as HEMA workshops across the event.
This year Swordplay is hosted at an indoor venue for the first time!
There will be medium and open categories for Rapier, Sword and Buckler, Longsword, and Sabre

Contact us if you're interested in competing at Swordplay 2017.



York Medieval Fayre (York,WA) - 24th September

It's on again and this year the York Medieval Fayre is bigger than last year!
Come along and support this local community event with all proceeds going to charity.



War in the West (Perth) - end of October

House Darksun hosted their first national tournament in 2015 and we had so much fun we did it in 2016! The event continues to grow and 2017 will bigger with more fencing than you can poke a longsword at.