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Welcome to House Darksun

Located in Perth, Western Australia, members of House Darksun learn  Historical European Martial Arts commonly known as


Members have the opportunity to train with medieval weaponry, attend local, national and international HEMA tournaments and provide entertainment at medieval fayres and school demonstrations.

House Darksun trains at Stirling Community Center located within the Charles Riley Memorial Reserve in North Beach.

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Should you need it bus number 423 leaves from Stirling train station stopping directly outside the Stirling Community Center.



Tuesday and Thursday nights - Kriegerschule (fight school)
The teaching and application of martial techniques from a variety of modern and traditional sources.
North Beach Community Center Main Hall
7A Kitchener Street North Beach – 18:30-20:30.






New students are welcome to attend either night. Please contact us to let us know you will be coming.

See the about page for more details